2 Tips For Hip and Osteoarthritis

Preservation of your hip capsule is the MOST important factor in an effective hip arthritis treatment. If you have pain with walking, difficulty with flexibility, or trouble getting off the toilet – it could be your hip capsule tightness that is limiting you. You can’t move what you can’t access.

If it’s not strength, not muscle flexibility, it could be a tight hip joint capsule that’s limiting your success.

Do I Have Hip Arthritis?

Hip arthritis pain is really only one thing – annoying. It annoys your daily walking, and your Zumba class, and can even annoy your sleep.

The first step in treatment is making sure your symptoms align with the proper diagnosis. Check out this video to see if you meet the following criteria for hip osteoarthritis. If so, check out other videos on osteoarthritis treatment!

As hip mobility improves, aim to add in more stretching and strengthening. This will sustain your treatment gains to get you back to pain-free walking or your weight loss routine. Don’t let annoying hip pain get you down!

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