What is the Senior Fitness Program?

Are you nervous about having a fall, having trouble playing on the ground with your grandchildren, or having enough energy to go on your next vacation?Are you going to the gym, but not getting stronger or more flexible?

Don’t wait for the decline to set in. Don’t wait for the fall to happen, or when you absolutely need knee surgery.

Be the best version of yourself with the Senior Fitness Program at Heather Lane Physical Therapy. This program empowers you to take control of your own health to avoid falls and build the strength you need.

This 90-minute session looks at ALL the muscles and joints that limit you. We will look at different measures of function related to your goals. Whether it’s walking for weight loss, an osteoporosis baseline, or improving flexibility for your SilverSneakers class, this wellness service is customized to YOU. A Physical Therapist specializing in older adults is best equipped to help you track your fitness, measure safe flexibility gains and pursue quality strength training over several months.

Live your life on your terms.

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