3 Home Health Tests For Posture

Today, we’re sharing 3 home tests you can do for to gague and improve your posture.

Ultimate Spine and Shoulder Posture Test

The Dowel Overhead Test measures an overlooked aspect of health – your posture. By taking this measurement, you can improve flexibility and reduce restrictions in your arms and spine for a lifetime of upright posture. Get started today with improving your posture, but measure your baseline first!

The Easiest At-Home Posture Test

This test is a part of every physical exam I do for osteoporosis. So why not get started with it at home? Measure the fingerbreadths to the closest whole value. It could kickstart your motivation to expand your chest muscles, improve lung capacity, and decrease your risk for vertebral compression fracture. Your goal is 4 fingerbreadths, then you can kiss future fractures likelihood goodbye!

Changing Your Forward Head Position

Declining posture is one reason will seek treatment. Clothes being more restrictive, and loss of shoulder motion is also posture-related. But did you know this test can predict future fracture risk?

Between 0-4cm is considered poor posture. Greater than 4 centimeters is indicative of an increased risk of fracture. If you have a positive test, you’ll find plenty of videos to improve spine flexibility.

– Patrick Donovan

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