5 Exercises for Knee Strengthening with Osteoarthritis

Strength training is hard with knee pain. Trust me, I’ve had three knee surgeries, and often struggle with it too. This week, we are providing resources for people that are looking for osteoarthritis treatment at the gym safely and effectively.

The exercises we’ll be covering in this video are:

  • Kitchen sink squat
  • Heel rock back
  • Bentover row, and
  • Knee blocked squat.

Knee Blocked Squats

Too much force through the knees is often a cause of knee pain. We can use the prop of a box, door frame, or chair to encourage a backwards weight shift. This recruits the hamstrings and glutes to do their very important job. I like to try this exercise with folks that have knee pain with squatting, going from sitting to standing, and rising from the toilet.

Heel Rock Back Exercise

The heel rock back exercise strengthens a much-overlooked muscle in the front of the shin. With every step in walking, we must clear our toe in front of us. I often see this muscle weakened in older adults. So get to heel rocking to save your knees for a lifetime of activity.

– Patrick Donovan

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