Why No Insurance?

Medicare insurance is the only insurance we accept at Heather Lane. This is because 40% of the physical therapy market is Medicare-eligible. We work hard to stay on top of credentialing and Federal changes to best meet the needs of this growing client population. The reason we accept Medicare but not other household insurances is that as an approved Medicare provider we – legally – must accept Medicare coverage

As for other household insurances, we bypass your coverage in lieu of exceptional client care. Rising health care costs are bad for you and create an uneven quality of care for providers like us. That means no deductibles, no co-pays, no insurance-mandated visit length. At Heather Lane, there’s simply no room for insurance to dictate how we treat our clients. The equation is simple:

One-on-One patient leads to fewer treatments and faster results

Most of our patients have insurance already, and they still choose to pay out of pocket with cash, check, or credit card for our services. Compared to conventional insurance-dictated care, Heather Lane’s services achieve the best outcomes at the lowest cost.  We spend 60 minutes of one-on-one care with each patient at a flat rate. That’s right – every treatment session is with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy only.

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