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3 Strategies for Bone Health Bone loss is considered the “silent thief” of aging. You can’t see it like you
Posture Work
Today, we’re sharing 3 home tests you can do for to gague and improve your posture. Ultimate Spine and Shoulder
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#1 Tip For Osteoarthritis Treatment Preservation of your hip capsule is the MOST important factor in an effective hip arthritis
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Senior Fitness
 Are you nervous about having a fall, having trouble playing on the ground with your grandchildren, or having enough
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Why Am I Not Getting Stronger
So a lot of people come in and they say, why am I not getting stronger? And I’ve been doing
Modifying Your Risk of Chronic Disease
Strength training is hard with knee pain. Trust me, I’ve had three knee surgeries, and often struggle with it too.
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Modifying Your Risk of Chronic Disease
Most people are aware of the common risk factors for their health. Smoking, drinking, and eating unhealthy foods – all can
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Bone Strength
Hi everyone, Dr. Donovan here. Really excited to share what we have today on why bones matter. It’s something I
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One Legged Standing Test
The Purpose of This Test What one-legged standing can tell you is your fracture risk. We always hear how balance
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Today, we’re going to find the right quad strengthening exercise for you. We want you to have the most precise
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