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From A Crick To Chronic: Low Back Pain

From A Crick To Chronic: Low Back Pain

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You’re not alone, low pack pain is incredibly common. 8 in 10 people experi­ence low back pain that requires them to seek treatment. Although the pain may be severe, most low back pain is not due to a serious problem. Usually back pain is contained within the lower back and buttocks. Sometimes the nerves get irritated and cause numbness and tingling in the leg or even to the toes. Some common lifestyle factors are: Sitting or driving too much Being in poor physical condition Bending and lifting improperly As we get older, we often feel back pain due to weakened muscles and stiffening joints. Different types of pain require different physical therapy treatments. The golden rule is “the sooner the better” when it comes to seeking treatment. Acute-onset pain comes…
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